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Nissan Frontier on the Forestry Trunk Road of Alberta
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truck canopy camper

Blindman Overland and Yucca-Pac campers started like most things do, as an idea. Creator David Dionne was looking for a way to combine a love for automobiles and their various cultures with a love for travel and outdoor recreation. During a backpacking adventure through South America David met so many travelers from all over the world who were living out of their vehicles and exploring the world while sharing their adventures with others. And after nearly a decade in the oil and gas industry and still not feeling a sense of accomplishment David decided it was time for drastic change. 


"As someone who struggles with mental health, I was struggling to find healthy ways to manage mine, I remembered that the places and times I always felt my best were always outdoors and exploring the wild spaces around me, and so I figured I might have better days if I spent more of them outside in the places I feel are healing."

David left the oil patch in 2018 and spent 3 months out in the Canadian Rockies camping and exploring while discovering online creators who were introducing their love of the outdoors to others and decided he would do the same. After coming back home, David met his good friend Mark Badgerow, the original creator of Off-Grid Trailer and Mission Overland, and started mentoring under him as a Mission Overland Trailers employee, immersing himself in the fascinating world of expedition equipment manufacturing and design, There was so much to learn about the new and booming Overland Camper craze. After taking 3 years of building and learning it was time for Mission Overland to expand in order to keep up with the growing demand for what is quickly becoming one of the top pop-up campers for sale. David understood that he would eventually take the experience he found and start his own company manufacturing Overland Truck Campers and this expansion and relocation was the opportunity he was looking for.

Unfortunately, David had responsibilities in AB and was unable to stick with Mission Overland through the move to Manitoba as an owner of the recent Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo as well he had to return to Alberta for what resulted in a very successful first year, however, that wasn't before he approached Blindman Overlands newest owner Tyler Schafer with a concept that eventually would become Canada's first Overland pop-up tent camper manufacturer, Yucca-Pac Campers. With both owners paying strong attention to quality detail and experience in the market they decided to give Canada an option when it comes to ultralight overland truck campers that have more than just a tent and box, "The Yucca Pac Camper is truly a camper, with better options such as a table, space to install onboard water, and heat we truly feel we offer the most value in our product. Not to mention is made in Canada for Canada."


truck canopy camper
Pike Fishing Gull Lake Alberta
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