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Episode 88 Down to Mob Overland Invades Yucca Pac Headquarters

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

It's never a dull moment here in the seedy adventure underbelly of central Alberta. Being born and raised in the beauty of the Blindman river valley I get pretty excited when new visitors find their way here as it's an opportunity to share some of the great things that come out of this part of Canada. Nathan of Wheelers Bike Repair and Phil from Down 3 Mob Overland were in the area taking on some of Alberta's mountain biking trails. It didn't take long before he was spotted by one of his subscribers who wanted to say hi. As usual, I was running around trying to get parts together for the Frontier so that it could be done on time for the #aoaexpo. I decided to stop by and see Eric from Overland Vehicle Outfitters in Red Deer, another great business in the area geared towards the adventurer in all of us. I ended up inviting Phill to the Yucca Pac shop but on the way, we hit up Brink Fab Motorsports to show Phil some good old-fashioned 4x4 nitro fun and check into the progress of the frontier.....Here's to hoping it's done on time! SHOW LESS

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