Episode 87 The BC Overland Rally

Updated: Sep 14

One of the very first videos I posted to this channel was my trip to BCOR in 2019 with Jeremy and Jason, who, later became two of my best friends. Less than a year later world entered into what I will call "the lost years". Two years of fear and uncertainty forced many into seclusion, while people lost their jobs, businesses, homes, health, and loved ones. The government traded in its once trusted democratic systems of practicable reason for tyranny and fear-mongering. Meanwhile, I would continue to explore and find my therapy in the wild places but it was impossible not to feel the weight of the changes going on around us. Had I known how long it would be until we were all back together I would have complained less about the rain in 2019 lol. Thankfully now 3 years later, the world feels somewhat normal again, although I suspect we will never fully recover and be the people we were before nor trust the institutions we once did. The return of the BC Overland Rally is one of the defining moments for me that signaled the beginning of better things, and I'm so freaking grateful that Jeremy and my little brother Zack were able to make it to this year's rally as well as just weeks prior Jeremy was unable to join me on another trip to BC due to serious and unexpected health reasons. The return of the BC Overland Rally is truly a blessing and I cannot wait to attend again next year and would encourage everyone to do the same.

put us up for the night at their place and showed us some good old fashioned Alberta hospitality. SHOW LESS

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