Episode 86 Dual Tacomas Dual Yucca Pac Campers

Updated: Sep 14

Welcome back to another shop video! This time around we bring you along on a build for a 6foot Tacoma! Lots to do tho so let's get into it! Don't forget to use code Blindman@aoae for 10% off at checkout! Shout out to amazing customers Vlad and Anthi for making the long trip from Vancouver to have their Yucca Pac Installed. We have been blown away by the response to the Yucca Pac Camper and are so very thankful for everyone who supported us from the beginning here's to bigger and better things! Often when we speak with our customers there's one other brand they are generally interested in: the Alu-Cab Camper. Honestly, they are the OG's when it comes to this market and I consider it an honor when customers often compare us to the goats. I love other manufacturers in this space, but the Yucca Pac offers so much more than what I've seen out there mainly in the storage and useable space side of things, and its the first 100% Canadian Made product of its kind, so hey I guess there are still some things you can be first at in this wild adventure we call life!

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