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Episode 135 Epic Elevated Adventure - Camping at 2100 Meters in Yucca Pac Camper - Mountain Lake Get

Updated: Oct 7

In this video, I take my Yucca Pac camper to the deceiving altitude of 2100 meters above sea level, nestled deep within the rugged backcountry of British Columbia. The remote mountain lake setting offers breathtaking vistas and serene tranquility, making it the perfect backdrop for a nature lover's retreat. As I set out on this journey from the BCOR, lush forests, and the untouched beauty that only a Canadian high-elevation camping experience can provide. From capturing the golden hues of sunrise painting the mountain peaks to sharing tips on how to stay cozy at cooler heights, this video is your window into the world of elevated camping. I was unprepared for the beauty and tranquility this tender little mountaintop oasis would provide, despite its elevation this area is accessible by almost any vehicle and is considered a hidden gem to the locals in the valley below. I couldn't think of a better spot to fish and have an incredible steak night! Don't miss out on this opportunity to witness the grandeur of a mountain lake getaway and gather inspiration for your future outdoor explorations. Remember to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to join me on this incredible journey into the heart of British Columbia's untamed forest country! Join Our Community!!

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