Episode 85 Jeff Violos Yucca Pac Frontier

Updated: Sep 14

I've been lurking in the back corners of the internet wondering how on earth some of these YouTubers post a video every week or more! Between AOAExpo and Yucca Pac Campers, I'm buggerd with task after task. Hopefully, the following few videos can explain why! Ever since Jan 1st I have been growing two companies I started at the end of the Year which will not be named. Ever since then, it's been go time and I haven't been able to post like I used to even though I have wanted to! So instead, since there are a lot of you great humans that have been asking how things are going I figured I would bring you into my world during the week instead of the weekends. Welcome to my adventure factory! This week we complete an install of a #yuccapaccamper on a #nissanfrontier and are behind work on two 6ft models that are due to install in only 2 weeks!

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