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Episode 90 Adventure Factory Ep 3 - Subscriber Submission - Top 5 Pieces of Gear

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Fair warning this video is a lot of me talking, not just talking though, here I attempt to answer some of the most common questions I get from social media about my opinions on gear. This video topic was requested by John B, so I figured I would do one, if you have an idea for a video or a question about something that you want me to go over in a video put it in the comments below and ill get around to them! Here I go through what I think are the most essential mods and gear you should have early in your build. All of these items serve a purpose and nothing was made or purchased for the sake of looks, I generally encourage function over form when it comes to equipment that is designed to keep me safe and one common thread you will see in this video are that all 5 things I mention are safety-critical pieces of gear. Coastal Off Road Bumper: Freedom Recovery Gear : Adventure Medical Kits: Join Our Community!!

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