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Episode 89 The Return of the Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo 2022

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Ok, so full disclosure: I don't have nearly enough footage to do the AOAExpo any justice this year, which always seems to be the case with events I go to. But the main thing to take away from this video is that for the 3 weeks leading up to the expo literally, my entire community rallied around us to make sure we could make it to the expo with the prototype and 2 of our excellent customers. We had so many more campers this year at the expo, and we can't thank our amazing sponsors enough, we will continue to grow this event in the years to come and your support makes all the difference! Also, a little inside info is that we will be hosting a similar event in the spring so keep your ears and eyes peeled. Join Our Community!!

THE TRUCK: Wheels and Tires: American Outlaw Buckshot 16" Toyo Tires Open Country Mts 285/75/16

Suspension: Bilstein 5100 Rear shocks OEM Rear leaf pack with Overload 1" Blindman Overland Lift Block Unknown Lift Shackles Bilstein 5100 Front Struts Double High Hat level kit (don't do this)

Power Management: Spod 6 Bank Rocker Switch 100 Watt CBI Solar Flex Panel Victron Mppt Solar Charger Motomaster AGM 800CCA

Habitat and Cab: Blindman Overland Rear Molle Panel Yucca Pac Camper 4 Season DIY Rear Seat Delete 23 Zero walkabout 6/8ft awning

Armor and Recovery: Coastal Off Road Front Bumper 3rd Party 1/4" Aluminum Skid Plates Smitty Bilt XR10 wireless winch

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